Repo Rate Stays Steady: No Relief for Debt-Stricken South Africans, Warns Neil Roets

Neil Roets, CEO of Debt Rescue, highlighted the dire situation for South African consumers as the repo rate holds steady at 8.25%, providing no immediate relief. The South African Reserve Bank’s recent review indicates that interest rate cuts are not expected until the end of the year, further straining consumers already burdened by high inflation and living expenses.

Financial Breaking Point for South Africans

Roets noted that South Africans have reached a financial breaking point, with many holding onto the hope of a repo rate cut. The announcement of no immediate relief has dashed these hopes, deepening the sense of desperation.

Unemployment and Poverty Levels Increase

Unemployment, now at 32.9%, adds to the economic strain, with an additional 308,000 people living below the poverty line. Roets emphasised the broad impact of unemployment, including poverty, social exclusion, and rising crime, warning that this issue must not be ignored.

Rising Living Expenses Consume Majority of Income

Living expenses, which include groceries, energy, transport, and communication, consume around 85% of monthly income for many households. Roets pointed out that the inability to meet basic needs has forced millions into significant debt, exacerbated by high interest rates on loans.

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